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Stonemason Kelemen

Zsolt Richly retrospective
Hírös Agora / theatre hall
aug. 12. 17:00
Kecskemetfilm 50 – Heritage
Hírös Agora / theatre hall
aug. 14. 16:00
The lord, who is building a castle on a steep cliff (the devil, perhaps), makes a deal with twelve stonemasons. Despite their many efforts, they are simply unable to build the castle of Déva, as the walls collapse over and over again. The stonemasons make a secret agreement, according to which the wife who first comes to visit her husband must be sacrificed and her body burnt and mixed with the mortar in order to aid the successful completion of the castle.

Year of production: 2009

Country of production: Hungary

Length: 06' 10''

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Richly Zsolt

Zsolt Richly was born in 1941 in Sopron. He graduated from the Hungarian University of Arts and Design in 1966. He began working at the Pannónia Film Studio that same year and has since made several short films and series as well as a feature film. Since 1988 he has been teaching animation at the Moholy-Nagy Universityof Art and Design in Budapest, where he has been appointed as a honorary professor since 2008. His work has been awarded the Béla Balázs Prize and the Meritorious Artist Award.
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The realisation of the 15th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival and the 50th anniversary professional programme in 2021 was supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

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