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Festival Regulations



Venue and duration of the KECSKEMÉT ANIMATION FILM FESTIVAL (hereinafter: KAFF, Festival): Kecskemét, 11–15 August 2021,

Deadline for entries: 31 March, 2021 Extended deadline: 20 April



The regulations of the Festival consider the rules of the Association Internationale du Film d'Animation / International Animated Film Association (hereinafter: ASIFA).

The Festival operates in accordance with the objectives of ASIFA, accordingly the main goals of the organizer are

  • to promote the development, dissemination and knowledge of animation in the spirit of a worldwide cultural movement,
  • to establish communication between Hungarian and foreign animation professionals (directors, producers, administrators, script-writers, technicians, artists, designers, animators, composers, critics and historians, etc.),
  •  to help promote satisfactory solutions to their creative, aesthetic, economic, technical and other challenges by providing opportunities for the exchange of information.



The official languages of the Festival are Hungarian and English.



Films submitted to the Festival must meet the following conditions:

o the entered works shall be made frame by frame, using some kind of animation technique, it is important that the proportion of animation in the film is more than 50%;

o we will only accept films completed after 1 February 2019;

o films made in Hungary or directed by Hungarian can be entered for the Hungarian competition;

o films entered for the European competitions must be in European ownership of at least 50%;

o copyright and related rights of filmmakers (copyrighted characters, scripts, music, etc.) may not be used without the permission of the rights holder;

o if the organizers of the Festival become aware that the entered film work does not have the licence of the owner(s) of all copyright or related legal works, this will result in the exclusion of the said film work from the competition.


Based on the above, during the registration, the rights owner of the film production or the person acting on its behalf must declare the following by applying to the Festival:


  • The person submitting the entry, on behalf of the rightholder, grants a worldwide, geographically and temporally unlimited (ie. for the entire term of protection of the copyright), sub-licensable right to use the animated film for the purposes of the festival in accordance with these Regulations.
  • The person submitting the entry declares and represents, on behalf of the right holder, that he has the right to use the copyright and related legal works used in the animated film (eg. characters, script, music) for the purposes of the festival in accordance with these Regulations for which the copyright or related rights holders of the animated work do not have a claim.


The use for the purposes of the festival in accordance with these Regulations includes in particular:

- use for pre-selection committee viewing;

- the theatrical motion picture rights of the animated film production during the entire duration of the Festival at the cinema venues of the Festival and in the screening areas of the Kecskemét small region; 

- if the Festival is held in part or in full online, due to a restriction imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the animated film will be broadcast to the online public subject to registration on a closed online network, in accordance with the objectives of the Festival;

- in the case of the announcement of a television audience award, the broadcasting of the films entered in the television competition program on Kecskemét City Television, during which the viewers can vote for their favourite films;

- the use of a part (max. 10%) of the animated film and its related materials for marketing purposes on the KAFF website and on social media pages and catalogues, as well as during events and activities aimed at promoting the event;

- the use of an award-winning animated film production at KAFF for the purpose of participating in further events until the beginning of the next festival (screening may only serve to present and promote KAFF);

- the inclusion of an animated film made for the Festival in the KAFF video library, which – allows persons with viewing rights (eg. distributors, producers and members of the press) to make the films available for individual retrieval during the festival, in a dedicated place or watch movies at a pre-arranged time.


Uses in line with the purpose of the Festival – for non-commercial purposes only – serve to organize and promote KAFF.

The use of works entered for the Festival, with the purpose or result of gaining profit, may be based on a specific agreement with the organizer of KAFF (including the publication of the animated film on social media – Facebook, Instagram – or on a video sharing interface – eg. YouTube – for individual retrieval).



You can apply for the Festival electronically by filling in the entry form completely.

o The online entry form is available on the website www.kaff.hu.

o A separate entry form must be completed for each film production; the completed entry form is considered valid, it is not necessary to return it to the Festival signed.

o For works with narration or dialogue, the original and English list of dialogues (script) must be enclosed when online entry.

o The entry is completed by entering the online viewer (URL) of the film to be pre-screened, which must be available by the beginning of the festival.

o There is no entry fee for films entered for the Festival.


The 15th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival can be entered in the following categories:


feature film *

TV special *

short film (MA graduation films should also be included in the short film category)

TV series * (up to 2 episodes per series)

student film

applied animation (commercial, signal, music video, opening credit, trailer)



feature film

TV special

TV series (maximum of 2 episodes per series)


* Films in the above category also have the opportunity to compete in the European competition program.



The Organizing Committee shall select the members of the International Pre-Selection Committee and the International Jury, considering the objectives of ASIFA.

The pre-selection of the program of the 15th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival is expected in April 2021.

During the selection, the pre-selection committee has the right to combine or eliminate categories or to reclassify the entered works from one category to another. The decisions of the international pre-jury and the international jury are final, there is no place for complaints.

The creators will be notified of the results of the pre-selection in writing via the contact person provided on the entry form. We will also notify you of the projection format of the films as well as the deadline for receipt of copies. A list of films submitted to the competition will also be published on the website.

Films included in a competition program that contain dialogue or narration must have the English subtitle if their original language is not English.

The official competition runs from 11 to 15 August 2021.


If the pandemic caused by COVID-19 restricts the physical realization of the festival in part or in full, and the organizer decides to hold the Festival online, it will later send further information about the realization to the parties concerned.




The Grand Prix of the Festival


Category awards

Best Feature Film

Best TV Special

Best Short Film

Best TV Series

Best Applied Animation

Best Student Film


Special mentions

Best Début Film

Best Visual Language

The Best Music

Best Animation Work

Best 3D Film


Additional awards

Award of the Hungarian Film Critics

Children Jury's Award

Main Award of the National Student Jury

Audience Award

Audience Award of the Kecskemét Media Centre

Audience Award of the Aranyhomok Small Regional Development Association



Category awards

Best Feature Film

Best Television Series

Best TV Special


Additional awards

Kecskemét City Award

Main Award of the National Student Jury


The jury is not obliged to award prizes in all advertised categories, but has the opportunity to award prizes other than those announced.

The Organizing Committee welcomes the offers of companies and organizations for special prizes.



The Organizing Committee will start sending the films back to the address indicated on the application form within two weeks of the end of the Festival, if requested by the entrant.



By submitting the entry form to the Festival, the entrant accepts the Regulations of the Festival set forth in this document.





6000 Kecskemét, Liszt Ferenc u. 21., Hungary

Tel: +36 76 481 788, +36 30 781 1210

E-mail: kaff@kecskemetfilm.hu

Web: www.kaff.hu


Organizer: Kecskemétfilm Kft.

Festival director: Ferenc Mikulás



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The realisation of the 15th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival and the 50th anniversary professional programme in 2021 was supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

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