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Hungarian Folk Tales: A Talking Grapevine, a Smiling Apple, and a Jingling, Tingling Peach

Kecskemetfilm 50 –Hungarikum tales
Main Square / Space in Space
aug. 13. 20:00
Kecskemetfilm 50 –Hungarikum tales
Otthon Cinema
aug. 11. 13:00
The king brings presents for his daughters, but he cannot fulfill his youngest’s wish because he is unable to find talking grapes, smiling apples and ringing apricots anywhere. On his way home he gets into trouble and only a white swine is able to help him. In return for his assistance the king promises his daughter’s hand to the swine. So, the swine comes for the king’s daughter, takes her with him on his cart to the pigsty. But then, lo and behold,…

Year of production: 2011

Country of production: Hungary

Length: 08' 02''

Further credits


Horváth Mária

Mária Horváth was born in 1952. She studied as a goldsmith at the Pécs Vocational School of Arts. In 1971 she joined the Kecskemét Film Studio at the time it was founded. She has two daughters, four granddaughters and even some film plans. In 1990 she received the Balázs Béla Award. In her films she aims to create the synthesis of poetry and animation.


Miracles of the Night (1982); Door No. 8 (1983); Door No. 9 (1983); Signal of the 1st Kecskemét Animation Film Festival (1985); Hungarian Folk Tales: Series II. (1985); Door No. 2 (1987); Door No. 3 (1987); Signal of the 2nd Kecskemét Animation Film Festival (1988); Hungarian Folk Tales: Series IV. (1989); Tales Falling from the Sky Credits (1991); 66 Greentree Street (1992); Signal of the 3rd Kecskemét Animation Film Festival (1993); Tales of the Wide Man (1995); Lucky Day (1996); Small Folks' Song (1997); Hungarian Folk Tales: Series V. (1998); Signal of the 5th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival (1999); Stills – Drawings about a Landscape of a Life (2000); Hungarian Folk Tales: Series VI. (2002); The Telling Stone (2004); Hungarian Folk Tales: Paul the Lily of the Valley (2006); Hungarian Folk Tales: The Fairy from the Three-Branched Oak (2006); Hungarian Folk Tales: The Little Swineherd (2007); Hungarian Folk Tales: How I Passed My Childhood (2007); Story of the Girl in Blue Dress (2007); Hungarian Folk Tales: Martin and the Cursed Princess (2008); In the Round Four-Cornered Forest (2010–2017); Hungarian Folk Tales: The Poor Man and the Dog (2010); Hungarian Folk Tales: The Talking Grape, the Smiling Apple, the Ringing... (2011); Hungarian Folk Tales: The Man with a Heart of Stone (2011); Hungarian Folk Tales: The Tale of the Slothful Boy (2011); Hungarian Folk Tales: Butcher Boy George (2011); Gypsy Tales: The Gypsy Woman and the Devil (2014); Gypsy Tales: Kalo (2015); Gypsy Tales: Doja, the Gypsy Fairy (2015); Gypsy Tales: How Was Man Created? (2017); Gypsy Tales: Ugly Borka (2019); Gypsy Tales: We Once Were Birds (2020)
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The realisation of the 15th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival and the 50th anniversary professional programme in 2021 was supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

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